About Us

Founded in 2009, WooEB is where everything begins. WooEB is a Web-based platform that empowers members, including small and medium-sized businesses, individuals and larger organizations, to bring all their online content into one space to create maximum exposure and give members control over their space online. WooEB helps businesses maximize their web presence in a user-friendly, straight-forward way. The platform offers unique value for small and medium-sized businesses lacking internal resources and/or knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) through step-by-step customer service and support to take members through building out their optimal web presence.

WooEB increases search engine results through SEO aggregation of its member content, keeping viewers focused on the hubs they have come to see. The platform eliminates distractions typically found on other business directories or social networking sites, such as competing pop-up advertisements and other irrelevant information, making it easy for members and visitors to remain focused on relevant content. Keeping this valuable business content in one place via WooEB also makes it easier for search engines to index information, helping companies achieve greater visibility with a wider distribution of information. WooEB offers several packages as well as different levels of paid support plans, which are all outlined on WooEB.com.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our members with a single location to aggregate their content and get their message out to the world through search results and networking. Utilizing our online platform and applications put content in one space, giving visitors all the information they need about a member company’s brand, service and/or product.


WooEB is a platform where a business or individual can have all their relevant content in one easy-to-use place online. WooEB, which is constantly evolving to meet members’ needs, provides ADit within their hubs to eliminate outside ads from displaying in a business’ hub, including Right Now status updates, pictures, videos, blogs, and a marketplace for goods and services. News distribution channel, message boards, event calendars, music, realty listings, job postings, and audio interviews can be easily incorporated into the WooEB community.

What sets WooEB apart from other community sites is that members have complete control of their online world. This enables members to maximize their online exposure by sharing useful information in their hub spanning from videos to photos to news releases to special advertisements and deal packages. Members create a unique URL for their hub and with WooEB’s ADit application, members can be confident that only their own banner advertisements will always show up on their pages. These features serve to help create organic search results on all search engines to maximize SEO value.

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